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FutureNet World selected as the WINNER of the Virtual Events Awards

We are delighted to announce that the 3rd edition of FutureNet World that took place on 20-21 April, has been selected as the WINNER of the Virtual Events Awards.

The event was delivered over 2 half days, attracting an audience of 830 ‘live’ attendees, from 83 countries across the globe. The aim for this event was to deliver a studio-based virtual event that felt like a ‘real’ event. The programme featured 60 speakers and was built around 6 core themes with a mix of ‘live’ panels, pre-recorded presentations, ‘live’ fireside chats and Q&A sessions, plus the FutureNet World Awards.

“We are extremely proud, and this award is recognition for the incredible efforts of a brilliant team. We definitely pushed the boundaries and went outside our comfort zone to create an experience for attendees that was dynamic and engaging” commented Giles Cummings, Founder & CEO, FutureNet World. “We are supported by a fantastic and highly engaged advisory board, and we are grateful to all of our partners & sponsors in particular for trusting us and supporting us on this journey.”

FutureNet World 2021 has been well received by the industry with participants providing some very positive feedback. “The FutureNet team has done an excellent job at honing their platform to create something that is very watchable. It doesn’t feel like just another Zoom call, and they made smooth and natural turnovers between pre-recorded and live sections. In fact, it was a lot like being at a live event – in a good way, and without the schlepping between breakout rooms or arriving into plenary sessions to find eyechart slides on a screen half a mile away.” “FutureNet World is a very focused event that hits the sweet spot where AI, automation & cloud technologies collide. Automation in all its aspects, from the technical challenges and achievements up to the key business drivers, discussed in all openness. That’s why so many operators in the telecom industry participate at FutureNet World.”

We are excited about our next adventure and hope that you will join us at FutureNet Asia, a brand new event tailored for the AsiaPacific region, on 27th October.

The virtual event awards are run by the Global Conference Network. See full details of the May winners here.

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