FutureNet World Speaker Interview with Senthil Kumar Dhandapani, VMware by Broadcom

Senthil Kumar Dhandapani, Global Client Strategy Director, VMware by Broadcom spoke to us in the lead up to his panel session at FutureNet World – 5G SA: Realising the potential of 5G networks and driving value


You are joining a panel discussion at FutureNet World on 5G SA: Realising the potential of 5G networks and driving value, and one of the key concerns is the speed of progress. What do you think is holding back progress and what needs to be done?

Senthil:  In my view, the progression of 5G SA has been sluggish for three primary reasons: investment limitations, the prolonged period required to realize the monetization of 5G use cases, and the absence of industry-wide collaboration. Implementing innovative business models that generate fresh revenue streams, alongside initiatives such as Network API exposure, will bolster monetization efforts. Enhancing collaboration among all industry stakeholders will further expedite the adoption of 5G SA. Moreover, by capitalizing on the insights gleaned from early deployments and leveraging knowledge from industry peers, service providers can navigate the complexities of the 5G SA landscape more effectively.


What are the use cases that you think will drive success of 5G SA and when do you envisage these will fully come to life?

Senthil: Initially, the most promising use cases lie within manufacturing and sports entertainment, some of which are already operational in production environments utilizing 5G SA private networks. Conversely, use cases reliant on data-intensive applications and device readiness, such as AR/VR, will require more time before achieving mainstream deployment.


The ecosystem continues to evolve, how do you see the ecosystem changing for mobile core?

Senthil: While collaboration among stakeholders has progressed over the years, there remains much to be accomplished in closing the gap of the Development to Deployment (D2D) cycle through partnerships and alliances. For instance, there is a necessity for more industry-leading certification programs facilitating zero-touch deployment and configuration, which would assist partners in swiftly obtaining certification for their network functions.


Network automation is a core theme at FutureNet World, and plays a critical role in network modernisation, what role does automation play specifically in the evolution to 5G SA?

Senthil: Automation plays a crucial role, particularly in simplifying the intricacies of core network operation and management. Moreover, within the context of 5G SA, automation can efficiently introduce and oversee new software, applications, and processes across various mobile infrastructures and cloud environments. This enables secure and expedited development, testing, and deployment of next-generation functions, all at a significantly reduced cost.