Network Automation: Reflections from MWC

In this podcast, Andrew Baldock, Product Marketing Director, Infovista is in conversation with FutureNet World’s Founder & CEO, Giles Cummings.

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Talking points are

  1. There seemed to be a real sense of urgency to achieve simplicity into network operations due to the complexity of 5G and the cloudification of networks, whether mobile or fixed. Is this a message that was coming through in conversations with your customers at MWC?
  2. According to the GSMA in their Mobile Money Economy 2022 report, mobile operators are facing a capex requirement of over $600 billion worldwide between 2022 and 2025 of which about 85 per cent will be in 5G networks. The report also highlighted the value of mobile technologies and services, which it said generated $4.5 trillion of economic value added, or five per cent of GDP, globally in 2021, and this figure is set to grow to $5 trillion by 2025.The big question here is how much of this opportunity is our industry going to see? What are your thoughts on this?
  3. I am interested in what you learned about how your customers have navigated the past 18-24 months with everything that has been thrown at us, and what changes you have seen in the needs and behaviours of your customers. Also, what is your sense of how these requirements are going to change moving forward?
  4. Infovista had a great booth that was always busy as I passed by. What were some of the key themes from your booth that seemed to catch the attention of the visitors? How did your customers receive your lifecycle automation message in general?
  5. In all the discussions with your customers and partners over the course of the event, what trends did you pick up on related to network automation and what do you expect to see in the next 12-18 months?
  6. If you could single out 1 highlight or key trend coming out of MWC last week, what would that be?
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