Spotlight Issue: Achieving a common architecture: the holy grail or fantasy?

This panel features MEF, ETSI, Linux & TM Forum debating whether the ecosystem can collaborate to reach a common architecture for automation driven by intelligence (AI) in the network.

Industry 4.0: The intersection of Cloud, Edge, 5G, IoT and AI: The real growth opportunity

Telstra’s Kim Krogh Anderson shines a light on the opportunities that Telstra are pursuing to deliver the next phase of growth for this innovative operator.

CxO Keynote: The foundation of future networks: How do we accelerate the move to automation and autonomy?

CxOs from Airtel, T-Mobile, Telefonica and o2 discuss the paths to acceleration and the role of people and culture.

AI & ML engagement models with academia: Telecom Italia case study

Hear how Telecom Italia are driving cutting edge innovation through smart partnership models with universities.

CxO Keynote: Networks of the Future – What have we achieved to date and defining the roadmap ahead?

CxOs from BT, Vodafone, TELUS & Swisscom discuss their vision for networks of the future.

In Conversation: Human factors in building the network of the future: Navigating the cultural, people & organisational challenges

T-Mobile & Telenor in discussion about the human factors and the changing environments and cultures required to deliver future proof networks.

AT&T & Colt inter-operator commercial automation use case: Lifecycle Service Orchestration

Colt’s Global Head of Network on Demand shares insight into the interoperator use case with AT&T.


How will orchestration work across all layers: transport, core, access?

Telefonica, NTT DoCoMo and TEOCO talk orchestration and the key drivers for a new ops environment with automation.

Zero Touch Automation: Myth or Reality

Listen to Blue Planet’s view on the role of Zero Touch in business transformation


Ecosystem Discussion: Collaboration: how can we increase the pace of industry collaboration on autonomous networks?

TM Forum, GSMA, ETSI, DT & Futurewei discuss how the industry can align and come together with a share vision for autonomous networks.


BT Case study: Accelerating Network Automation and AI

Hear about BTs plans to accelerate the adoption of AI and Automation across the group to transform the business.

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