Monetising the Network with Dynamic End-to-End Service Orchestration

In this podcast. Ron Porter, Head of 5G, Network & OSS Product Marketing, Amdocs, discusses how end-to-end service orchestration can monetise the network with FutureNet World Founder & CEO, Giles Cummings.

Monetising the Network Podcast

Discussion points

  • We talk a lot about the need for end-to-end service orchestration but how can CSPs truly bridge the gap between the new complex and dynamic network and the diverse business needs it has to support?
  • Specifically, how can dynamic end-to-end service orchestration unlock new revenue generation & support new business models. I am thinking in particular about network APIs, NaaS and 5G slicing for example.
  • Intent based operations is a pretty hot topic currently, what do you see as the main drivers for intent in building and operating new services? And what are the major challenges?
  • We were both at MWC last week and it was clear that AI & GenAI were top of mind for many of the execs in attendance. How does GenAI play into this in terms of achieving end to end service orchestration and facilitating monetisation of the network?
  • Closing question, what in your mind do CSPs need to prioritise today in order to unlock the value of end-to end service orchestration?

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