AI intent-based operations: The key to building autonomous networks – Ericsson

Bringing autonomy to your network through intent-based operations

Implementing a service intent manager for AI intent-based operations is an important foundational step in the journey toward autonomous network operations.

As the telecommunications industry become ever more complex, service providers need to be able to manage the challenges involved in delivering tailored 5G differentiated connectivity, while continuing to meet the strict service level agreements (SLAs) they already have in place.

With the advent of new technologies such as 5G network slicing, there is a need for service providers to deploy adaptive automation. One solution is AI intent-based operations, which enables machines to manage conflict within multi-layer 5G technology, dynamically handling slices and partitioning traffic to meet business requirements. This improves agility and enhances efficiency by managing customers and enterprises’ intents efficiently – as well as by reducing the maintenance period for upgrades.

Implementing AI intent-based operations enhances the overall level of autonomy and drives the evolution from traditional data-driven operations toward more autonomous and intent-driven operations.

02 Introduction
03 What do we mean by “AI intent-based operations”?
04 Designing networks for the future
07 The journey toward autonomy
10 Summary
11 Contributors

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