Embracing a next-generation network management approach

Contributed by João Miguel Antunes, Head of Autonomous Networks Offer, Celfocus.

From connectivity to connected experiences

Most Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have their digital transformation in action, having typically started from the customer touchpoints and business support systems and slowly made their way to operational support systems and the network itself.

By now, it is clear to the Telco industry that how CSPs drive their network digital transformation will guide them to different business opportunities in the future.

Moving from providing connectivity to connected experiences, CSPs can again be seen as innovators by transforming how society moves, works, plays, and cares for its citizens. This is where the most value for operators lies – whether it is on providing an immersive entertainment experience at a stadium, an efficient work experience at a next-gen factory, or even a life-saving experience on a connected ambulance.

The Future Digital Society


Next-gen network management

For these connected experiences to be sustainable, CSPs need to approach the transformation of network management processes holistically, meaning:

  • Think about processes from an E2E perspective covering the entire services lifecycle.
  • Adopt a solution-first approach, not a product, technology, or vendor-first approach.
  • Promote synergies of processes and tools between engineering and operations.
  • Simplify solutions, having fewer pieces to run, upgrade, etc.
  • Promote automation and data-driven decisions as the path to the autonomy of processes.
  • Spark an agile network mindset with responsiveness to business needs.

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CSPs aim to provide a fully digital network experience to customers, and this can be achieved through a unified network management platform with foundational agile capabilities that can leverage AI/ML & automation to boost CSPs teams’ efficiency and TTM (Time To Market) while delivering autonomy of network management processes.

This foundation responds to the needs of leveraging the substantial amounts of data produced by CSPs, combining advanced analytics and orchestration & automation on top to enable operators to automate planning, readiness, fulfilment, and assurance with minimum human intervention and with the simplest solution possible to operate.

Also fundamental is the use of standardisation to achieve network-as-a-service that, together with the intrinsic agile network responsiveness, can increase network value capture with both CSPs’ business units and partners.


Simplified Vision of a Unified E2E Network Management


Moving towards autonomy

There is an increased demand for flexible, cost-effective, self-owned and self-kept solutions. Based on our deep experience in CSP domains, we believe that a solution composed of data-driven, agile, modular, and scalable platform components leveraging a healthy mix of both open-source and solid commercial products can respond efficiently to the automation of most needs and can evolve alongside CSPs with a mindset of think big, start small, and move fast towards autonomy.

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