FutureNet MENA Speaker Interview: Michal Patryk Debicki, VP Solution Development, Reailize

In the lead-up to FutureNet Middle East & North Africa, Michal Patryk Debicki, VP Solution Development, Reailize, talks to FutureNet about what to expect from his presentation at the event: Telco-techco: How to see everything as a service.


You are giving a presentation at FutureNet MENA titled ´Telco-techco: How to see everything as a service´. Can you give us a sense of what the audience can expect to hear from you?

Meet Michal Patryk and the Reailize team at FutureNet MENA.

At FutureNet MENA, my presentation will delve into the ongoing paradigm shift within the telecom industry towards viewing every capability as a service. I will discuss the driving factors behind this transformation, the challenges companies face, and the strategic methodologies that can be employed. Attendees can expect to gain insights into successful transformation strategies, illustrated with case studies from leading telecom companies that have embarked on this journey.


We have been talking about the telco-techco transformation for some time and there are some great examples of telcos reinventing themselves successfully. You have a great vantage point in spending time with multiple customers across the globe, what is your sense on how far we have progressed as an industry?

The telco-techco transformation is uneven across the global landscape, varying significantly between regions and individual operators. From my observations, while some are pioneering and reaching higher maturity levels, many remain in the early stages, primarily around level 2 of the TMForum’s Digital Maturity Model. The industry, as a whole, shows a promising tilt towards digital innovation, but there’s considerable ground to cover to achieve widespread transformation.


In order to really move the dial, and leverage the ás a service´opportunity, what needs to be done? How are the business models maturing and are they translating into actual services and revenue?

In recent years we’ve seen more emphasis on cost savings rather than on strategic investments. To truly leverage ‘as a service’ opportunities, it is crucial to establish a clear, overarching vision—our ‘North Star’—and align all projects and activities with this objective. This alignment not only supports strategic investment but also drives cost efficiencies that are consistent with our long-term goals.


AI is the most talked about topic in our industry today, what role can AI play in creating a real platform business?

AI holds transformative potential for the telecom sector, particularly in evolving businesses into platform-based models. However, to effectively integrate AI, the industry must overcome existing developmental lags and align AI initiatives with overarching business strategies. Its development, implementation, and support must be carefully managed, integrated across the business in alignment with a strategic vision, rather than in isolated efforts.