Hybrid Cloud Networking, Edge computing and AI: The future for Telco CSPs & MSPs

Contributed by IBM.

At IBM, we believe that the future for Telco CSPs and MSPs is in delivering and supporting Hybrid Cloud Networking, Edge computing and AI.  Applications need to be distributed to best support the demands of the user, the data, and the decisions required rather than artificially detained in remote clouds.

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The future is about confidently deploying application (user apps, telco specific apps, AI inferencing aps and the likes) & services where they are most valuable for the needs of the application and end users without limitation.  Our mission is to make the connectivity across these emerging complex infrastructures as simple, performant, and trustworthy as cloud networks and existing data centers.

Our focus is to deliver connectivity, automation, observability, and policy-driven control empowered by AI, centered on the Telco and enterprise applications that need the network.  This approach enables flexible collaboration between DevOps, CloudOps, NetOps and IT Ops, improves application velocity in the most demanding environments, and allows application components to be deployed where they can be the most effective, without limitation.


  • Connectivity: provision Application centric networking with Zero trust security architecture, Rapid App to service networking, Modern DNS and traffic management, and Global server load balancing for app performance and network resilience.


  • Automation: enable Intent-driven network deployment, observability, and inferencing and Low code no code API driven network automation to enable Zero-touch and closed-loop automation across telco infrastructure, network and services


  • Observability: provide a scalable observability platform across telco network domains.


  • Policy-driven Control: deliver zero trust network access, reduce attack surface, and expand application flexibility with strong policy driven control.


  • AI in Networks: design, build, train, govern AI models and offer telco-network centric AI-apps powered by domain specific knowledge graphs, to reduce opex and create value for telcos. These AI-apps will feature rich semantic models which will power our network centric AI models (Predictive + GenAI) towards an autonomous network journey for telcos.


We are building solutions that enable and manage application-centric network connectivity across challenging hybrid cloud environments that is simple, secure, seamless and scaleable.