WAN Optimisation: A roadmap to enhanced customer experience

In this podcast, James Kershaw, Chief Architect (ANZ), Juniper Networks is quizzed by FutureNet World’s Founder & CEO, Giles Cummings.

5G & Edge Cloud: Teaming up to Drive Network Transformation and Automation

Talking points are:

  1. As the industry shifts to 5G and Cloud, it is becoming increasingly important for CSPs to exceed customer expectations. What does good customer experience look like in a wide area network and why in your mind should you measure it?
  2. On a practical level, how do you go about measuring customer experience in the WAN and what tools and techniques are telcos using effectively today?
  3. Measuring customer experience is only part of the challenge and I think the real opportunity is around what you do with the results and how they can impact the business in the most positive ways. What are your thoughts on this and what are the key success factors?
  4. Our industry talks a lot about network transformation, what do you see as the role of automation in this transformation and how can an automation led approach help guarantee service quality?
  5. Transforming a network and enhancing customer experience can be a long-term project to fully leverage the opportunities but what can CSPs do today and where are the immediate gains to be achieved?
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