Data-driven Operations: Does it really pay off?

8th December. 4 to 4.45pm GMT. Webinar.

In this live & interactive panel visionary speakers from TDC NET, Ericsson and Omdia explore how data, streamlined processes & automation can transform data driven operations

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5G subscriptions grew by 70 million during the first quarter to around 620 million, and that number is expected to surpass 1 billion by the end of this year.  Also, an increasing number of service providers are deploying 5G SA networks, with more than 20 launches by the end of 2021, expected to double during 2022. 5G standalone provides the foundation for E2E network slicing, a disruptive approach that allows for differentiated performance down to device level, unlocking new monetization opportunities across enterprise & consumer segments. As the possibilities multiply, so does the complexity. Adding people around legacy processes is not sufficient to deliver the needed volume & speed of change. A new look at data, streamlined processes & automation is at the heart of the data driven operations transformation to simplify & deliver the target performance at an adequate TCO.

Navigating the journey: Transforming operations to successfully manage the increasing complexity of the networks

Data-driven transformation in action: are we seeing results?

TDC Net case study: Achieving highest network performance

Data-driven transformation – does it really pay off? Quantitative proof-points & ROI

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