2021 Association Partners:

The NGMN Alliance was founded by leading international network operators in 2006. Its objective is to ensure that the functionality and performance of next generation mobile network infrastructure, service platforms and devices will meet the requirements of operators and, ultimately, will satisfy end user demand and expectations.

The NGMN Alliance will drive and guide the development of all future mobile broadband technology enhancements with a focus on 5G. The targets of these activities are supported by the strong and well-established partnership of worldwide leading operators, vendors, universities, and successful co-operations with other industry organisations.

TM Forum is an association of over 850 member companies that generate a combined US$2 trillion in revenue and serve five billion customers across 180 countries. We drive collaboration and collective problem-solving to maximize the business success of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers. We support our members, as they navigate their unique digital transformation journeys, by providing practical and proven assets and tools to accelerate execution, and by creating digital and physical platforms that facilitate collaborative problem solving and innovation. Learn more at www.tmforum.org.

2021 Research Partners:

ABI Research provides strategic guidance for visionaries needing market foresight on the most compelling transformative technologies, which reshape workforces, identify holes in a market, create new business models and drive new revenue streams. ABI’s own research visionaries take stances early on those technologies, publishing groundbreaking studies often years ahead of other technology advisory firms. ABI analysts deliver their conclusions and recommendations in easily and quickly absorbed formats to ensure proper context. For more information visit www.abiresearch.com.

2021 Training Partner:

Wray Castle launched in 1958 as a training provider for the radio and maritime communications industries. We operate internationally across a wide range of industries — everything from mobile and fixed network operators to telecoms regulators, the defence sector, energy suppliers, transport, emergency services and government agencies. Our learning programmes are designed to upskill staff, support cutting-edge service rollouts, and deliver powerful insights into the technologies.

Our expertise covers a range of network technologies including 5G, LTE, IP, Radio Engineering, Network Virtualisation and PMR . Programmes cover important technology components and actionable solutions for the whole value chain, from use cases and market drivers to network deployment and optimisation. www.wraycastle.com

2021 Media Partners

Central Asian Cellular Forum (CACF) is a leading technology forum that focuses on mobile regulations, advanced technology and new digital platforms. The company is officially registered with the SEC of Pakistan as 3G Technologies Limited. The primary focus of the company is the promotion and development of Mobile Broadband technologies.

If you are interested in partnership opportunities for the event please contact info@3gca.org.pk

Disruptive.Asia covers the current state of digital disruption in the Asia-Pacific telecoms, fintech and internet sectors – where it’s coming from, what’s driving it, the impact it’s having on each industry, how the key players are responding and what’s next. Disruptive.Asia combines news, opinion and in-depth features to keep you informed and, hopefully, get you involved.

Telecom Review Asia Pacific is the go-to digital media platform www.telecomreviewasia.com for the telecom and ICT industries in the Asia Pacific. Covering daily news, in-depth analysis trends and developments, and interviews with industry thought leaders, Telecom Review Asia Pacific offers invaluable market insights into the region.


If you are interested in partnership opportunities for the event please contact info@futurenetworld.net

2021 Registration Partner

WeDu Events are an independent firm of event professionals, with representation in Dubai and London, specialising in event management and bespoke networking solutions. We offer our clients end-to-end services designed to help you achieve your business development goals. We work with B2B exhibition and conference organisers, as well as corporate enterprises seeking innovative and tailor-made opportunities to engage with target audiences. For more information and a list of clients we have worked with, please visit www.wedu-events.com