Unleashing the power of Intent-based network operations

8th December. 8.30am London | 9.30am Berlin | 4.30pm Kuala Lumpur (duration 45 minutes)

In this live & interactive panel visionary speakers will discuss how Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) is turning intents into differentiated connectivity

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From Data-driven to Intent-based operations

As consumer expectations continue to rise and networks grow ever more complex, most communication service providers (CSPs) today are becoming increasingly aware of the need for intent-based autonomous operations to deliver on differentiated SLAs.

Balancing higher autonomy levels while keeping full control of the network

The need for a full transparent end to end process and explainability is essential to build the trust in intent-based operations. From registering the intent to operating a premium network slice, all decisions recommended and actuated on by the system need to traceable.

Case Study: Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) turning intents into full autonomous operations

Learn how one of the fastest 5G rollouts in the world, is already applying intent-based operations to predict the state of the network dynamically and guarantee conflicting premium SLA performance for network slicing based operations