Leveraging the 5G Enterprise opportunity with cloud scale analytics and automation

Live Panel with interactive Q&A, watch on-demand FREE. Featuring: Beth Cohen, Cloud Technology Strategist, Verizon, Amy Cameron, Principal Analyst, STL Partners, Mariam Kaynia, VP, Director of Architecture, Strategy and Analytics, Telefonica Germany, Dr. Muslim Elkotob, Principal Solutions Architect, Vodafone & Chris Neisinger, Chief Technology Officer, Guavus (a Thales company).

Automation and the Public Cloud: Realising OSS and network operations modernisation NOW

Live Panel with interactive Q&A, broadcast on the 26th August, watch now on demand for FREE. Featuring: Mark Sanders, Chief Architect, Telstra – Diomedes Kastanis, CTO Services APAC, Microsoft – Kailem Anderson, VP Software & Services, Blue Planet, a division of Ciena – Jake Saunders, VP Asia-Pacific, ABI Research. Increasingly CSPs are looking to host OSS on the public cloud and benefit from the agility and scale that the public cloud offers. Featuring telco industry leaders from across Asia-Pacific, this highly interactive panel discussion will explore the challenges involved in migrating OSS to the public cloud and how best to overcome them. The panelists will also share insight into how this shift forms part of a larger transformation of network operations towards a more software-centric, open, and programmable network.


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Listen to this highly interactive panel to better understand:

  • Moving towards zero downtime in the network: what is the roadmap?
  • Monitoring services and networks today: the challenge of not evolving?
  • Beyond connectivity: moving towards scalable & cloud-native network services delivery
  • Accelerating services, provisioning on demand, and driving revenue – the role of automation & AI
  • Leveraging AI to improve service quality and enhanced customer experience: why you should not wait for 5G
  • Defining the roadmap and level of investment to automate legacy networks

Broadcast live 8th June, Watch On-Demand. There has been much discussion about the need to automate for 5G but less discussion around the drivers for existing networks and handling legacy. Hear from three of the world’s leading telcos and discover how Telefonica, Vodafone, and DT with a combined subscriber base of close to 700 million are tackling this issue.

CxO PANEL: The Future of the Telco: Business models and network strategy for success

Watch On-Demand. Broadcast live at FutureNet World on the 20th April 2021.

  • Collaboration and innovation – how is the industry preparing the networks and business for the challenges of today and tomorrow?
  • Driving value – assessing the ambitions of the telco today and the implications for the network
  • New business models and operating models: The roadmap to growth?
  • Open networking, programmability and disaggregation: What does this mean for the telco of the future?
  • Hyperscale cloud providers and telcos: Defining the relationship for future business models

Panel: New Operations Models: Accelerating the journey to zero-touch automation

Panel: New Operations Models: Accelerating the journey to zero-touch automation

  • Defining the roadmap for operational transformation
  • In the promised future 5G and ‘sliceable’ networks, what should network operations look like?
  • What is the optimum organisational model and where does accountability for AI/automation activities sit within a modern telco?
  • Embracing openness and promoting open platforms where APIs and data is accessible by multiple processes
  • Moving towards scalable and cloud native network services delivery

Panel: Network and Service Automation – Making the promise of 5G a reality?

Watch On-Demand. Broadcast live at FutureNet World on the 20th April 2021.

  • Implementing a digital operations model to manage the complexity of 5G networks: The path to success
  • Automating the management of network functions across multiple clouds
  • Operating and optimising 5G networks with ease whilst keeping costs low: The modern telco cloud platform
  • Accelerating services, provisioning on demand and accelerating revenue: The role of automation and AI

Telefónica Case Study: Automation Now: Next-generation operating models for the telco of the future

Watch On-Demand. Broadcast live at FutureNet World on the 21st April 2021.

  • Open and programmable networks to deliver on-demand sliced based services to the customer: Establishing the framework
  • Moving towards zero downtime in the network: What is the roadmap?
  • The role of the vendor and assessing TCO
  • Enabling agility with a DevOps-oriented culture: New skills and shifting the mindset
  • Maintaining the network while we transform: Keys to success
  • Operational transformation: Accelerating the adoption of automation and AI

Panel: Automation & AI driving the intersection of Cloud, Edge, 5G and IoT: The real growth opportunity?

Watch On-Demand. Broadcast live at FutureNet World on the 20th April 2021.

  • Tackling latency: Will 5G and edge computing be the cornerstone for many IoT and AI applications and devices?
  • Assessing the role of automation and intelligent operations in leveraging the opportunities
  • Enabling a sustainable, secure, data rich future: Understanding the links between these technologies and how they can be mutually supportive
  • Models for success and early use cases
  • Embedding the right capabilities and technologies in the proposition: The role of automation and AI
  • Creating the right culture and environment to integrate these new technologies into the telco DNA


Orange Case Study: AI to develop smarter networks and enhance operational efficiency

Watch On-Demand. Broadcast live at FutureNet World on the 21st April 2021.

  • Positioning AI and data at the heart of the innovation model: Smarter networks, greater operating efficiency and reinventing customer experience
  • Establishing the right capabilities – human + AI model
  • Creating the right environment to integrate AI into the DNA
  • Using AI to bring value to every phase of the network lifecycle from planning and design to smart maintenance and security
  • Operational AI – moving from concept to implementation: Keys to success
  • Strategic partnerships – the role of cloud hyperscalers
  • Lessons learnt and next steps

Panel: Autonomous networks – enabling the future of the telco industry?

Watch On-Demand. Broadcast live at FutureNet World on the 21st April 2021.

  • New customers and new opportunities: Realising the promise of 5G, IoT, EDGE & ML/AI with autonomous networks – models for success and use cases
  • Collaboration, Co-opetition & Co-creation: Accelerating innovation: Developing a new ecosystem engagement model
  • Assessing the role of the vendor, operator and hyperscaler in a world of open networking
  • Addressing the heterogeneous network: The evolution of legacy to autonomous networking

Modernize and Monetize for Disruptive Telcos

Watch On-Demand. Broadcast live at FutureNet World on the 20th April 2021.

Ashwin Moranganti, Chief Product Officer at Affirmed Networks (a Microsoft Company) presents Modernize and Monetize for Disruptive Telcos


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