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AI is critical to operators’ bid to reduce energy consumption in the 5G era

In this light report, Caroline Gabriel, Research Director at Analysys Mason, explores how AI is critical to operators’ bid to reduce energy consumption in the 5G era.

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Telco to Techco

Report Snapshot

Communication service providers (CSPs) have been trying to reinvent themselves for many years. First, they tried to become media companies as video delivery switched from satellite and terrestrial to broadband. Then they tried to become digital service providers (DSPs), expanding beyond the confines of connectivity into adjacent domains such as cloud, finance, and security. Lately, the talk has been of converting from telcos to techcos, with one eye on the heady valuations given to companies that purport to provide technology, even though this may be as simple as a food delivery app.

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Telco to Techco

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Planning today for the networks – and revenue opportunities – of tomorrow

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How to break down silos and integrate processes to plan and deploy a 5G network that delivers maximum Return on Investment, with Infovista Smart CAPEX.

Contents: A legacy of siloed processes > Putting business outcomes at the heart of RF planning > Modeling future revenue potential > Mapping a profitable multi-vendor network > Automating the future

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New Approaches Address End-to-End Network and Service Orchestration (E2ENSO) Challenges (Updated)

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Next generation networks and 5G are all about services delivered with high reliability, scalability and guaranteed performance End to End (E2E) across any Network.
A major challenge is that the Communications Service Provider (CSP) Network has become very complex with multiple domains:

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Removing Telco Ecosystem Complexities through End-to-End Service Orchestration

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The telecommunications industry has undergone major transformations over the years. As many Communications Service Providers (CSPs) continue to evolve and virtualize their networks, the introduction of 5G brings in another set of complexities and concepts. With enhanced connectivity and new services, such as network slicing coming to the fore, CSPs face challenges and bottlenecks that stifle innovation and hinder the delivery of End-to-End (E2E) services to customers…

By ABI Research, sponsored by Amdocs.

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Unleash Experience-First Networking with Juniper Paragon Automation

Free Download. Unleash Experience-First Networking with Juniper Paragon Automation by Brendan Gibbs, Vice President, Automated WAN Solutions, Juniper Networks.

For service providers to survive and thrive in tomorrow’s 5G/multi-cloud services landscape, they need a twofold strategy: focus on providing a differentiable customer experience and optimize the network and its operation for greater efficiency. At Juniper, we refer to this as experience-first networking, and in many ways, it has become more than just a strategy for us, it has become our true north as a company. This resource describes Juniper’s approach to delivering Experience-First Networking using our Paragon Automation.

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5g Catalysts: Telco Cloud and Edge Trends

Free Download. Cloud Market Trend report by Futorium, sponsored by VMware

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Intelligent Automation: Accelerating Digital Transformation and Improving Customer Experience Direct

Free Download. – Intelligent Automation: Accelerating Digital Transformation and Improving Customer Experience Direct

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Data Ops

Free Download. – A study in removing the barriers to Telecom Network Automation via AI

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of or even been part of a program that was to leverage AI for amazing returns and yet failed after exceeding budget and under delivering on promised outcomes. A large percentage of AI programs and efforts either die on the vine, or flop halfway through the delivery cycle. Even for those that are implemented, the cost, and time, to develop the use case often seems to dwarf the return…

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Adopting AI in organizations

Free Download. – This report shares insights from organizations implementing AI; a journey towards constant change.

Based on the insights from 2,525 white collar AI/analytics decision makers, this report shares the learnings from companies implementing AI and advanced analytics in business operations. Though the companies have reached different levels of AI maturity (divided between AI-leaders, AI-followers and AI-beginners) a commonality between the companies is that all have faced critical challenges along the way. But it is not the technology that is the main problem.

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Top barriers to successful AI implementation

Free Download. To guarantee their competitiveness, CSPs are opting for advanced AI-based network monitoring solutions. But alongside its promise, AI poses major technological, operational and management-related challenges and costs. Hitting the ground running with AI requires a well-defined adoption strategy and methodology. We present the major adoption barriers and best practices for avoiding them to achieve fast time to value and increase ROI from your AI investment.

Smart CSPs are investing in AI
The high stakes of AI adoption
Top barriers to successful AI implementation
Overcoming the challenges
Anodot Autonomous Network Monitoring

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