From NOC to cNOC

Contributed by Reailize, a B-Yond Comapny. AI in the center of the conversation   Over the past three decades, the evolution of communications networks has elevated the importance of Network Operations Centers (NOCs) within telcos. Initially, NOCs facilitated the centralization of operations’ silos and the implementation of a framework of tools, processes, and structure focused […]

Orange puts automation at the heart of telecoms’ future fortunes

Automation has been absolutely everywhere in the welter of announcements made at and around MWC writes Contributing Editor Annie Turner At Orange Capital Markets Day, the week before Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC), Christel Heydemann,... Read more

Microsoft reportedly invests $10 bn in ChatGPT, DT hits €100bn market cap

AI and automation seem to be entering a new era, generating headlines the world over as 2023 began, writes Contributing Editor Annie Turner OpenAI’s ChatGPT (short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer) automation tool has taken the... Read more