Alexis Koalla

Alexis Koalla

Director Operations Strategy and Transformation, Orange

I am currenlty Head of the Operations Transformation in IT and Networks domains at Orange Innovation.

I am also  a Software and Future Operations Expert at Orange Group.

I have more than 18 years in Software Development. My core experience is Software Development in IT with  Agile and DevSecOps methodologies.

I oversee building strategies and recommendations that will enable the Operations transformations towards Agile and DevSecOps culture, practices, and methodologies. It encompasses Technologies, People and Processes. I am bridging Dev and Ops in one hand and IT and Network in the other hand.

Since November 2022, I am leading the Network Integration Factory federation with Orange Affiliates to ease and accelerate the deployment of 5G Core in the affiliates based on Agile and DevSecOps culture.

I have driven more than 10 Digital Transformation in several Orange Affiliates both in Europe and in Middle East and Africa.

I am actively contributing ot internal initiative like Move to cloud initiative inside the Future Operations Expert Community and externally like AIOps project with TM Forum.

My main concerns are:

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