Azni Risa Ramlan

Azni Risa Ramlan

Vice President of Business Innovation and Technology, Telekom Malaysia

Azni Risa Ramlan received her MBA from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She also holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK.

Azni Risa was appointed Vice President of Business Innovation and Technology on September 1, 2022. She is responsible for providing insights on the performance of TM’s transformation activities in terms of EBIT uplift for continued growth and agile at-scale adoption across the company. She is also in charge of formulating TM’s business transformation and innovation frameworks, as well as the resulting IT investments to optimise time to market and improve customer experience.

Azni Risa was a TM scholarship holder. She began her TM career in August 1996. Her extensive experience in TM includes establishing network strategy, planning, and service design by implementing the right-fit technology to enable the business and improve operational efficiency in line with TM’s strategic direction. She has been actively involved in various transformation programmes such as High-Speed Broadband networks, network infrastructure modernization using SDN/NFV, and 5G.

Azni Risa has also led TM’s Pre-sales Technical Consultants, who are in charge of offering network and IT solutions to TM Business Customers. She is the current Chairman of the Malaysian Technical Standards body (MTSFB), an MCMC-designated forum.