Djakhongir Siradjev

Djakhongir Siradjev

CTO, P.I. Works

Djakhongir Siradjev is currently serving as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of P.I. Works Inc. His responsibilities include leading P.I. Works’ technology evolution, managing of product portfolio, as well as overseeing and coordinating all research, development, product design, delivery, and maintenance activities. Having served in multiple roles over his tenure in P.I. Works, he has been directly involved in the creation of most of its current product portfolio. Having rich experience of more than 15 years in the telecommunication networks management domain he participated in a number of projects in both academia and industry in the areas of IP/DiffServ/MPLS routers development, DDoS protection, telecommunication probes, and CEM analysis as well.

Djakhongir holds an MS degree in Information and Communication Engineering from Yeungnam University, Republic of Korea.

Futurenet Asia 2023

Day Two
Wednesday 19 October 2022
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10.10 AM
Keynote Panel: Automation Today: What is the role of automation in running a network with disaggregation technology