Dr. Petrit Nahi

Dr. Petrit Nahi

Head of Data Science and Chief Data Officer, Rakuten Mobile Inc.

Dr. Petrit Nahi is Head of Data Science and Chief Data Officer at Rakuten Mobile Inc. responsible for driving the adoption and use of artificial intelligence to derive insights on the network performance throughout its life cycle as well as enable automation of engineering and operation to ultimately achieve network autonomy.

Dr. Nahi has over 20 years of experience in the mobile communications industry and has held various product leadership and technology expert roles.

Dr. Nahi joined Rakuten Mobile in 2019 having previously worked as a Chief Scientist, RAN with NetScout Systems Inc. and has worked on development of various network planning and optimization solutions, network performance analytics, service assurance and other applications throughout his career.

Dr. Nahi holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering from Queen Mary University of London.   His research explored the use of artificial intelligence to implement agent-based control and optimization of network coverage in combination with use of novel advanced antenna techniques.

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