Fahim Sabir

Fahim Sabir

Director, Network on Demand, Colt

Fahim has held various roles across Colt since joining in 2007 within IT, Managed Services, Engineering, and Product.  His most recent work has been in leading the team that defines, designs, builds, operates, and brings to market Colt’s world-renowned Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, Colt On Demand.


He is passionate about all elements of bringing ground-breaking digital-first connectivity products to market, whether these are commercial or technical.  This stretches from product definition, commercial models, and marketing to DevOps, and IT and platform architecture.  He is especially passionate about how to delight customers through user, developer and machine experience, microservices, cloud, orchestration, and the possibilities of virtualisation and containerisation within carrier networks.


He regularly contributes to standards definition, focussing on APIs and product models to define the underlying components to enable an interconnected multi-operator worldwide NaaS fabric, through his work at MEF where he has been recognised as an outstanding contributor more than once.


In his free time, Fahim is a fair-weather runner, amateur programmer, and an obsessive tinkerer of technology in general.


Fahim holds an honours degree in Computer Science at the University of London.

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