Keith Dyer

Keith Dyer

Editor, The Mobile Network

Keith Dyer is founder and editor of The Mobile Network. He has 18 years experience covering the mobile network technology ecosystem as a journalist and editor. In 2013 Keith founded The Mobile Network, introducing a new voice to the media covering mobile network technology. Through a variety of channels, TMN specialises in understanding and making sense of the technology that helps operators design, plan, optimise and monetise mobile networks. In 2015 he launched Inside5G, a blog that has tracked early developments in 5G, with interviews with many key players.

Keith has tracked the development of the Small Cells ecosystem since its earlier days, covering new company launches, M&A activity and technical development. As industry focus switches to indoor and dense urban capacity, network densification, 5G and virtualisation of the RAN, he says that small cell technology enablers may have an increasing role to play in the network

Futurenet World 2023

Day One (BST/UTC+1)
Tuesday 10 May 2022
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12:00 PM
Panel Discussion - 5G Standalone: Exploring new ways to operate and automate 5G networks and extract new value.