Lorcan Burke

Lorcan Burke

Director RAN, VMware

In his role as Global Field CTO for VMware’s Telecoms’ Service Provider business, Lorcan helps CSPs develop their digitization strategies as they transform to take advantage of cloud-smart operating models that increase operational and energy efficiency, address sustainability targets and increase customer value of delivered services.

Prior to joining VMware, his roles have included Global CTO for Mobility at Cisco Systems, Founder and CEO for Adaptive Mobile Security, CTO at Ericsson responsible for the Vodafone relationship, Partner at a Swiss VC, Chief Commercial Officer, Taoglas Digital Strategy and Innovation Partner for PA Consulting.

Lorcan has held a number of industry advisory roles including roles at SFI CONNECT research centre on future networks, innovation advisor ESB (national power company, Ireland) on green energy and data centres, HSE (National Health Service), Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP), Facebook Connectivity, Softbank, and Nomura on investment in Technology and Telecom. He is also a guest lecturer on IoT for IT Sligo ATU,

Lorcan was Founder and Chairperson for ThinkSmarter Analytics.

In his spare time Lorcan fixes guitars, amps, 80s and 90s steel bikes, 70s quarter ton racing yachts, motorcycles and has too many coats and pairs of shoes.

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