Manoj Prasanna Kumar

Manoj Prasanna Kumar

Head, Enterprise Platforms, Singtel

Manoj heads up the Product Engineering for Singtel Enterprise 5G, MEC and IoT business. As the chief architect for Singtel’s Enterprise 5G network and MEC sites (Edge computing), Manoj and his team have built an award winning 5G Paragon platform which Singtel utilizes to deploy 5G and MEC for all enterprise customers in Singapore and the region through associates. Manoj has also spearheaded the 5G and MEC deployment for all the Singtel customers including public sector customers and large enterprises. He has lead numerous collaboration initiatives for Singtel Group with hyper scalars like AWS and Microsoft to design an infrastructure agnostic MEC solution that is compliant with hyper scalar stack (Azure and AWS) to ensure seamless adoption of MEC and 5G for Enterprise customers.

Manoj is also responsible for the software development of IoT solutions for Singtel, and his team has successfully rolled out large scale Smart access solutions spanning across 12,000 sites in Singapore. Manoj is a data scientist by background with over 15 years of experience in Telecom industry. His expertise is in Distributed Systems, Big Data, and Machine Learning. He holds over 25 international patents in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and telecom networks, including the first patent of Singtel on 5G and MEC.

Manoj’s international patents are listed publicly in

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