Mark Duesener

Mark Duesener

Head of Mobile Network and Mass Market Communications, Swisscom

Mark leads the world-class Mobile Network and Services team at Swisscom, developing and operating one of the best mobile networks, from Access to Core and services on top.

With his 20+ years of experience in the telecommunication and IT industry in technical, strategical, and leadership positions, Mark is eagerly driving the transformation of mobile communication, converging network engineering and software engineering with the move of 5G core to cloud-native.

Futurenet World 2023

Day One (BST/UTC+1)
Tuesday 10 May 2022
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12:00 PM
Panel Discussion - 5G Standalone: Exploring new ways to operate and automate 5G networks and extract new value.
Day Two (BST/UTC+1)
Wednesday 11 May 2022
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14:00 PM
Panel Discussion - Accelerating the journey to zero touch: a game changer?