Neelesh Pratap Singh

Neelesh Pratap Singh

CIO, Airtel Africa

Neelesh has worked across three continents, lived in four countries, and managed operations over 20 countries – ranging from most developed Scandinavia to fast catching up Sub-Saharan Africa. During the last 20 years, he has been in multinational technology leadership roles across industries – communications service providers, fin-tech ventures, independent software vendors and government/government owned organizations.

Neelesh has executed multiple successful transformation programs in large multi country setups. This includes digital transformation of organizations, architecture simplifications, building scalable platforms, rolling out advanced cloud in the most remotes part of world, building multi country apps and platforms used by millions of customers and changing the operating models in a large complex setup to make organizations digitally ready.

Neelesh has also worked as part of start-up teams as founding tech leader, building product engineering teams and platforms from scratch, leading to successful go-to-markets.

Neelesh strongly believes in simplification. He has led several programs to simplify the architecture and processes from defining the scope to reaping the benefits of simpler setup.