Ricky Boyle

Ricky Boyle

SVP Business Development, B-Yond

With a background both of operations experience in Telecoms, and in leading transformations on behalf of Telecoms, I focus on leveraging technology and people to solving the business challenges facing modern communication service providers. @ B-Yond we aim to transform the way that operators manage their networks with an “automation first” set of principles. My passion is growing teams that can clearly articulate the operational vision of the future and then executing on that vision on behalf of our customers- ensuring that the outcomes deliver on the promise!

Futurenet Asia

Day One
Tuesday 18 October 2022
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4.00 PM
Panel Discussion: How to meet SLA and service quality requirements in a hyper connected world?

Futurenet World 2023

Day One (BST/UTC+1)
Tuesday 10 May 2022
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12:00 PM
Panel Discussion - 5G Standalone: Exploring new ways to operate and automate 5G networks and extract new value.