Yoke Kong Seow

Yoke Kong Seow

Chief Technology Advisor, Globe Group

Yoke Kong Seow is currently the Chief Technical Advisor of Globe Telecom. His appointment was effective from 1st Jan 2023, with over 30 years of experience in the Telco and Media industry.

Prior to his appointment to Globe, Seow was leading the Optus IT organization from 1st Mar 2019 until 30th Oct 2021, and as VP of Technology Infrastructure from 1 Nov 2021 to 31 Dec 2022.

As Optus CIO, he introduced full Agile ways of working between IT and Business, establishing tribes and squads composed of members from IT and Business. He was also instrumental in improving the reliability of IT systems, reducing IT outages by more than 90% and enabled the business to introduce subscription based charging for mobile services.

As the VP of Technology Infrastructure, Seow led the modernization of the IT infrastructure in Singtel and Optus. He was also leading the review of the end-to-end resilience of the Optus Mobile and Fixed Network.

Between 2015 to 2019, Seow was VP for IP Network Engineering, responsible for the planning, engineering and deployment of the fiber, transport and broadband networks for Singtel and Optus, as well as the Enterprise network for Optus.

Prior to the Singtel Group, Seow was in MediaCorp leading the development of its OTT video product called MeWatch. He also helped in the establishment of the Bridge Alliance in 2005 while in Singtel, and was a member of Bridge Alliance’s inaugural management team.

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