Webinar 2021

Industry Directions > Zero Touch Networks Virtual Panel

Listen to this highly interactive panel to better understand:

  • Moving towards zero downtime in the network: what is the roadmap?
  • Monitoring services and networks today: the challenge of not evolving?
  • Beyond connectivity: moving towards scalable & cloud-native network services delivery
  • Accelerating services, provisioning on demand, and driving revenue – the role of automation & AI
  • Leveraging AI to improve service quality and enhanced customer experience: why you should not wait for 5G
  • Defining the roadmap and level of investment to automate legacy networks

Broadcast live 8th June, Watch On-Demand. There has been much discussion about the need to automate for 5G but less discussion around the drivers for existing networks and handling legacy. Hear from three of the world’s leading telcos and discover how Telefonica, Vodafone, and DT with a combined subscriber base of close to 700 million are tackling this issue.

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