Kangrui Ling

Kangrui Ling

Industry Analyst, ABI Research

Research Focus: Ling Kangrui, Industry Analyst at ABI Research is responsible for custom projects with a focus on a variety of topics including location intelligence, vendor strategy, 5G enterprise deployments, and telco cloud. 

Past Experience: Prior to joining ABI Research, Kangrui was a management consultant intern at Accenture, helping implement digital transformation for Singapore government organizations.

At ABI Research, Kangrui co-authored multiple syndicated research on emerging technology including innovation for rural connectivity and wireless backhaul for 5G. He has co-authored multiple whitepapers centered around the cost benefit analysis of 5G on enterprises, and has been involved in quantitative modelling and forecasting, including comparing and analyzing the time to market for various telco cloud strategies for clients. 

He has also spearheaded various projects, including competitive assessments for cloud native technology, go to market strategies for 5G deployments, and business development for location intelligence providers. Kangrui also provides state-of-the-industry insights to the general public, either through articles published online or as a panelist in webinars.

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